7 Crystals to Get You Through Your Work Day


In this article you’ll learn of the seven best crystals to use in your work space to help get you through your work day efficiently and stress free.

The crystals listed below will boost prosperity, motivation, effective communication, reduce anxiety, absorb harmful technology waves, attract abundance, and provide a calm and productive work environment.

Whether you are looking to become a money magnet, or get rid of work related anxiety, the crystals below will help you align to a more desirable and comfortable work space.

Green Aventurine


Green Aventurine, the stone of opportunity, is known as the luckiest of all crystals. Green Aventurine will help manifest and attract abundance, prosperity, and wealth. This stone will help you release old patterns, habits, and disappointments so new growth and change can take place. It allows one to embrace change and assists with moving forward with confidence. This stone is also known to amplify leadership qualities and increase your chances of promotion and new opportunities. If you’ve been waiting for a promotion, carrying Green Aventurine will increase your chances of getting the position and attracting money. Green aventurine will open, heal, and cleanse the heart chakra of fear while promoting a sense of emotional safety and security. This stone will enhance the users creativity and motivation which can help bring in new ideas and the ability to take new or improved action in the work place.



Citrine also known as the merchants stone or abundance stone, has powerful properties that attract money and financial success. This crystal is great to use for new entrepreneurs or those who run their own business. Citrine will assist in aligning yourself with abundance and wealth, and has a strong reputation of attracting prosperity to the user. Placing Citrine in your business space, wallet, money jar, safe, purse, cashbox, or wearing citrine will promote its properties of attracting money and abundance to you. By using or carrying Citrine regularly and setting the proper intentions with the crystal, you’ll quickly become a money magnet. Citrine is an encouraging stone that helps you explore new possibilities and opportunities, and will promote inner peace and joy. Citrine resists and transforms negative energy without accumulating or collecting the negativity, so it does not need to be charged or cleansed regularly. This makes Citrine a convenient crystal to keep in your office space or carry around; without having to take the crystal back to be cleansed.



Lepidolite is great for office settings because of the crystals ability to clear electromagnetic pollution and EMF waves. Lepidolite can be placed by computers or other technology to absorb the emanations, so it is a perfect crystal to place on a work desk or in your office space. Lepidolite is one of the best mood stabilizers in the world of gemstones. This crystal has powerful anti-anxiety properties due to the high amount of Lithium content in the crystal. Lithium is found in many prescription anti-anxiety medications and is well known for relieving anxiety and racing thoughts. Lepidolite will provide a sense of calm and tranquility during times of stress and chaos. This can be especially helpful when working in a stressful, fast-paced, and demanding work environments. Lepidolite will help those who struggle with anxiety, social anxiety, and panic attacks so you can focus on your work more efficiently and enjoy a calm work environment.


Sodalite Bracelet.png

Sodalite is another effective and helpful crystal to bring into your office or have in your work space. Sodalite, known as the stone of truth, works with the Throat Chakra which improves communication. Effective communication in the workplace is very important as misunderstandings and miscommunications can lead to frustrations, mistakes, and errors that can be avoided. Sodalite will enhance communication and understanding making it easier for mistakes or miscommunication to be avoided and prevented. Sodalite will encourage rational thoughts and verbalization of feelings, making it easier for you to speak your truth. Sodalite’s calming effect will facilitate logical thinking, making disagreements and arguments easier to work through. This can be helpful during times of dealing with upset or rude clients, Sodalite will help you to keep your cool and remain professional. If there is someone in your office you do not work well with or you struggle with social anxiety, Sodalite will help you as it assists with working in groups and efficient communication. Sodalite enhances self-acceptance, self-trust, and self-esteem, allowing you to feel confident in your own abilities and have a positive attitude to get the job done.

  Black Tourmaline


Black Tourmaline is important to include if you have for any negativity in your office or work space because of its ability to absorb negative energy from a person or a space. Black Tourmaline will absorb the negativity to cleanse and purify it, turning low vibrational energy into higher vibrational energy. Similar to Lepidolite, Black Tourmaline will also absorb any electromagnetic smog from technology devices. Not only will Black Tourmaline absorb negativity, it is also one of the best grounding stones.

Black Tourmaline will assist in grounding your energy and keep you grounded. Black Tourmaline works to balance and protect all chakras and will protect you from unwanted energies. It will provide clarity on confusing or clouded situations which will provide insight and clarity to improve the situation so it can be resolved . This is especially helpful when dealing with conflicts or stressful situations at work. It will allow you to have a clear mind about the situation so you can assist in solving or overcoming the issue(s). Holding or carrying black tourmaline in the workplace will help you fully concentrate and remain clearheaded. Keeping Black Tourmaline in your work space will promote a sense of power and confidence, and will empower those who must work in challenging environments or facing difficult situations or circumstances.

Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz is always a great go to crystal, as it is known as the master healer and works with all chakras. Clear Quartz is beneficial to any environment or situation, however it can be especially helpful in working environments. Placing Clear Quartz in your work space or office will allow the space to be filtered against negative energy and will increase positive vibrations in that space. Clear Quartz produces a shield of healing ions which protects your aura and prevents negativity from reaching your energy field. Quartz will dispel any static electricity around you and cancel out the effects of radiation and harmful technology waves. This can be especially helpful in office spaces with computers, technology, and office equipment. Quartz will also work with other crystals and amplify the properties of crystals it is placed by, making your crystal collection at work even more powerful and effective.


Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 7.17.21 PM.png

Selenite is a pure protection and cleansing crystal that has a very high vibration and powerful healing properties. Selenite assists in strengthening your memory and focus, making it easier for you to remember important details, information, thoughts, and ideas which will help with efficiency and performance when working. Selenite is a crystal that never needs to be charged or cleansed, as its own powerful cleansing properties will rid the crystal of any negativity or unwanted energies. Selenite will cleanse and charge crystals it is placed by, making this a convenient and helpful crystal to keep with your crystal collection at work. This will allow your crystals to stay cleansed and charged without having to remove them from your work space to cleanse them. Not only does Selenite cleanse itself and other crystals, Selenite can be an emotional and energetic cleanser for you also. Whenever you might be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried, sad or just mentally drained from work, Selenite will assist in cleansing the tense energies and feelings allowing you to feel more open, relaxed, and at ease.

The unique properties of each crystal listed serves a purpose and benefit in the work environment, to help you and encourage you to have a productive, successful, and happy work day.

Whether you struggle with work anxiety, lack of motivation, social anxiety, trouble concentrating, a hostile or stressful work environment, or even having trouble attracting opportunity, these seven crystals and their unique properties will assist you with any of these issues.

You will find you will experience more abundance, calm, wealth, motivation, happiness, and focus. You’ll also be open to more opportunities, have the ability to communicate efficiently, and retain a positive attitude at work.

The seven crystals can be used together, individually, or be used in conjunction with any other crystals in your collection that you prefer to use. You will find the best crystal combination that works the best for you with time, however with the properties of the crystals listed above, your work day will be a breeze.