At KilmainCrystals, we take pride in selling our beautiful gems and stones, custom made crystal creations, wire wrapped jewelry, tarot card readings, and metaphysical and spiritual tools to help you along your journey. We always offer a wide range of different crystals and stones, all with unique healing properties. From natural stones to tumbled stones, we always have something for everyone.


7 Crystals to Get You Through Your Work Day

In this article you’ll learn of the seven best crystals to use in your work space to help get you through your work day efficiently and stress free.


How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

This article goes over the different methods on how to Cleanse and Charge your Crystals and Gemstones.


How to Sense Crystal Energy

This article explains how to begin feeling and recognizing crystal energy.

Tarot Card Readings


KilmainCrystals is a supporter of small business, that’s why ALL of our suppliers are small business as well. We proudly work with small local miners and suppliers all over the United States and other countries. From New Hampshire, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Arkansas, all the way to Brazil and even South Africa and East Africa. Our stones and supplies are never from large corporations or cheap companies from China (where items are easily not authentic.) We only work with small business owners who have the same ethics and joy of helping others as we do at KilmainCrystals.


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